Company History


The Demidovsky plant was incorporated within SUAL Holding on September, 21. Production started October 2.


The plant receives ISO-9001 quality certificate from TUV. In September Demidovsky signs an agreement with DuPont for using Teflon® Classic coatings.

In November the first non-stick cookware in Russia was produced with Teflon® Classic coatings.


Demidovsky participates in the international trade fair «Ambiente-2002» in Germany. Comissioning of a new coating line for the ScovO brand.


Demidovsky starts the production of premium cookware series ScovO ITALY and ScovO TITANIUM. The plant receives the licence from DuPont for Teflon Platinum coatings.


IKEA chooses Demidovsky as a supplier of cookware. The company wins the IKEA Best Supplier award. In October the plant produces the 20 millionth non-stick pan.


Start of the greenfield project in Stupino, Moscow Region. Demidovsky presents a new line of cast non-stick cookware.


Demidovsky participates in the start-up of the new Scovo plant in Stupino. With the help of Demidovsky's specialists Scovo is commissioned.